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December 1, 2008, 2:00 am
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“Pre-Descartes, there is no subjective.”

-Kathy Eden

On an unrelated note, Montaigne’s “On some verses of Virgil” is some of the best relationship advice I’ve received recently. The essay is also surprisingly sexy. Whenever I had the chance this summer, I would read an essay or two before going to sleep and I would go to sleep really content and happy. Reading Montaigne is like rekindling a love affair. While holding my attention, the essays are never so intense that I have to take a break from reading. He is so self-deprecating that I never feel completely inferior or useless as a human being. His writing appears so effortless that I sometimes fool myself into thinking, “Wait. I can do this too!” I just have this (feminine? crackpot?) intuition that if I had met Montaigne, we would be friends. We share similar life approaches, or more accurately, I am trying to adopt all his talk about “moderation.” I really think he would be one of the few people who I’d feel comfortable with during extended periods of silence.

He makes me laugh, he makes me think, if he made me dinner then…well I’d be one lucky lady.

(Is it less unhealthy to project a fantasy about someone who I could never know?)


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Ahhh, Montaigne. Lucky you are (yes, lucky) never to have read him in French. Incomprehensible.

Regardless, he is very much a sweetheart. (Is it bad to refer to authors based on a projected personality?) Beware, though: he’s a tad on the conservative side. (What is a world without imagination? Then again, it does seem to cause “impuissance”, so…)

Also, I gotta find me that essay. Can you email/facebook message/wallpost it to me somehow, if it’s online?

Comment by Julia

Far better to fantasize through writing rather than through the flesh. Illustrations don’t accurately capture 16th-century notions of hygiene…

Comment by Hae-Joon

“writing a paper”

Comment by Anonymous

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