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I will never be Susan Sontag
December 7, 2008, 8:40 pm
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Becoming Susan Sontag

All I know is, at fifteen, I was not reading Gide (Nick: “im still not reading gide and im 20”) and certainly not writing in my diary about Gide. My diary during that time was filled with entries about my hatred for the suburbs, petty social complaints, and how boys don’t like me. At twenty, I still haven’t read Gide, nor have I rejected Gide, Joyce, Proust, and Mann (come to think of it, I have to read Magic Mountain over winter break). I am still writing about how boys don’t like me, though other topics are slightly more substantial. Oh fine, I’m still writing about petty social complaints, only now they’re not in valley girl lingo, so I refer to them as “observations about society.” Actually, I just flipped to my most recent entry, and it’s some diatribe about how I will no longer shop at chain stores to protect local businesses. Perhaps I have become more attuned to the outside world, then again, I had a venti Starbucks coffee this morning.

However, it’s comforting know that Sontag in later years also wrote about more human issues—”The torment of lying, sleepless, beside the body one uniquely desires, and not being able to break through, to command desire in return…. Awful awful feeling of ‘déja été,’ for I did desire Philip tremendously during the first year”—at least we share some common ground.


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