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things we do without (overshare)
December 17, 2008, 2:13 pm
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  • Underthings: last finals week, I went out and bought underwear because I was too lazy to do laundry. With the economy like this, I can’t justify that type of spending, ergo…
  • Sanity
  • Sleep


  • Slow thinker/writer
  • More pages than hours
  • Inadequacy

The only thing keeping me going right now is this lovely little gem I received in my inbox this morning (I am so glad that there are about five people in the world who truly understand what makes me happy: nostalgia, dead French men, food, and humor):

(I should mention that I’ve had a thing for 80’s hair metal since I was eight (though I prefer Van Halen). I’ve also harbored a crush on Jon Bon Jovi since age eleven or so (though for the Jersey blue collar rock thing, I love Springsteen so much). My taste in music bodes well for Pierce’s future for me—a venture capitalist’s housewife living in suburban California. Hence, I should learn how to drive better and start growing my hair out.)

Also, the following was in my inbox after bombing modern poetry:



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HA although I don’t think “What?” fully expresses how Lil Jon says it.

Comment by Hae-Joon

my what big hair you have

you should definitely grow out your hair and perm it intensely!

and i didn’t really have finals week… i just needed to hand in final papers towards the end of classes, and i had one paper to work on for study/finals week. (That’s why I could spare time for Of Montreal.)

Comment by diana

80’s metal hair would dwarf you. While it would be hilarious in the first few weeks you had it, the novelty would wear off, surely.

Also, I changed the url of my blog. enjoy break dear!

Comment by Asad

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