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My life is (not) a Rohmer film
January 12, 2009, 9:17 pm
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me: i want to live life in a rohmer film
Paul: so does everyone!
me: where the dialogue is always provoking and people are just beautiful enough
Paul: who understands the reference
and there are no close-ups
and seasides


During my run this afternoon, I was thinking about how my life differed from Rohmer films, in which attractive—but not too much so—people sit around discussing relationships or lack thereof. Then I realized, maybe my life is kind of like a Rohmer film, but then I remember last Sunday, and nope my life will never be a Rohmer film.

The premise is actually pretty Rohmer-esque: the young college co-ed who babysits every Sunday, an older man admiring her from afar, he finally musters up the courage to confess his interest via a letter, etc. Well unfortunately, life has close-ups…


Almost every Sunday, I take the same route to babysitting and pass the same apartment buildings. I’m very much a creature of habit, this will soon change. This past Sunday, one of the doormen waved me down after I passed his building and handed me this letter. The following is a snippet (italics and bold his):

Hello pretty lady! How are you today? My name is [redacted]…You are so beautiful. I really love your style! I have admired you for some time now. So I just wanted to tell you that. I also was wondering if it would be possible for you and I to get to know each other over coffee or lunch. I also confess, that I do like beautiful and attractive Asian Women [sic] like you’re self [sic]. I just really dig there [sic] style! What about you? Do you have a boyfriend? If not! Would you consider going out with me as a friend? I would really like to get to know you! How do you feel about that?
My intentions are good! I’m a very nice and respectful guy! You can even bring a friend along if you want. Would you have a problem going out with a black guy as a friend? Don’t worry. I have dated Asian Women
[sic] before and it’s not and [sic] issue with me. 🙂


Personal favorite: “Don’t worry. I have dated Asian Women before and it’s not and issue with me.

Oh goody. He’s not into me for the exotic factor, he’s dated my kind before.” Fortunately he’s not racist and it’s not “and issue” I’m Asian. If only all men were like him.


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I had a similar experience. The doorman at the building where I tutored last spring took a liking to me. The first time I went in, he asked me as I was leaving, “What do you do here, anyway?” I responded that I tutor a little girl upstairs. He said, “When are you going to tutor me? How about Saturday night?” I laughed politely and ran away.
The next time I went in, he said, “Hello, you beautiful girl. I am glad it is Tuesday. I wait for Tuesdays.”
This went on for some months until he asked me if I was going to continue coming toward the end of the school year. I said, no, that I was done the next week, and he asked me out. When I said I was busy and had a large and imposing boyfriend who wouldn’t like me to go out with strangers, (a lie, obviously,) he followed me down the block (I was on a bicycle) yelling after me that he was a nice guy. Thank goodness I was done soon after!

Comment by Jennie

HAHAHAHA Well, on the bright side, you are amassing quite the pile of hilarious courtship stories.

Comment by Julia

I love your life.

Comment by AED

on a related note. suggest a rohmer film that is your favorite.

Comment by Jon

Probably My Night at Maud’s, but the ending reveal is a bit too much for me.

Comment by Lucy

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