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we taste nothing pure
February 10, 2009, 2:43 am
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Current diet:

Pasta recipe co-opted from Caitie: tomatoes, onions, gorgonzola, spinach pasta. Easy and delicious. All my friendships should come with easy-to-make recipes (Perri, you’re exempt).

Jennie Rose recommended this sauce, it has (probably) the best tagline ever: “What do you name a sauce produced by a Chinese girl and a Jewish boy?” Good with rice, veggies, tofu, noodles, etc.

Variation on my favorite P&W sandwich, Diana’s Delight: whole wheat bread (one side honey mustard, one side chipotle mustard), brie, cracked pepper turkey, avocado (must be in middle, cannot touch condiment)

Breakfast of champions! And gluten-allergy victims!

Conspicuously absent:

I have scoured the Harlem and UWS Fairway and Westside Market for Brad’s Organic Strawberry Jam, but my search has been fruitless (ha ha/this is where my time goes—jam-hunting). I e-mailed the company tonight to see if it is discontinued. If so, I will be very sad. Nothing against Beth’s Farm Kitchen, but Brad’s strawberry jam is the jam!


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OH MAN Soy Vay is the BEST. I find it at Trader Joe’s, and seriously lived off of Soy Vay + stir fry all summer after freshman year. Delicious!

Comment by Anonymous

Whoops sorry that was me up there I forgot the name bit

Comment by Julia

haha. Those cupcakes I gave you a recipe for are easy! I guess I usually feel as though easy things don’t need recipes. If you’d like I can email you the chili photo-tutorial .pdf that I sent Cory.

Comment by Perri

is this why you called me last week to go to trader joe’s? USER!

Comment by Anonymous

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