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March 15, 2009, 10:00 pm
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Commensal and facultative.

1. Last night during Thurston Moore and Carlos Giffoni’s set, the man in front of me tried and failed to capture Thurston Moore’s craziness via camera phone—dim lighting. Then he started to synchronize his shots with the man next to me, whose digital camera had flash capabilities. Viola! Thurston Moore is forever memorialized as the background of some hipster’s phone.

2. While making the trek from 96th street back to Mo-Hi, I happen upon two girls with their party outfits dishelved and game faces fading—unintentionally frizzy hair and smudged eyeliner where eyeliner was not meant for. They teetered around the sidewalk in high heels, stumbling on each other and grabbing at air for support. One girl had a cigarette dangling from her mouth, which she consequently dropped and placed back in her mouth, suckling on it like a famished newborn.
We cross paths, one reaches out to me and slurs, “Do you have a lighter?” I shake my head but offer her matches. After she burns her bangs, cheek, and coat (three strikes and you’re out!), I take the matches and light her cigarette. She tells me, “You’reee ann annnnngel! Thaaaaaaaaaaaankz,” without realizing the role fingers play in smoking. The cigarette falls. Like a pigeon drawn to shiny objects, she picks it up by the wrong (though more visible) end. Meanwhile her friend is stroking my cape and thanking me, “Muchos graaaacias.”


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some things I love:

a) “Mo-Hi”
b) Thurston Moore
c) imagining you giving these girls the time of day.

c is definitely my favorite.

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Lucy’s Home for Wayward Girls

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