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open mouth, insert rabbit’s foot
March 17, 2009, 11:47 pm
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(disregard the praire dress)

A drunk man accosted me on the subway tonight. Typically I ignore come-on’s from undesirables but the lack of progress with my Galileo paper put me in a mood.

Reeking of alcohol and hovering over me, a man in a green button-down repeatedly told me he would “rock my world” and then went on to enumerate the various ways he would do so. I kept reading. Then in the middle of Edith Wharton’s description of Henry Jame’s death—”So here it is at last, the distinguished thing!”— he took the book out of my hand and closed it. He lost my page.

I snapped at him, “I can’t take anyone who wears green on St. Patrick’s day seriously. Or anyone who celebrates this holiday.” He obviously did not expect to elicit such a vitriolic response and switched to a farther pole. With his body no longer dominating my visual field, I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by revelers in green. Right across from me sat a couple wearing ridiculous matching shamrock hats, a group of frat boy’s in green t-shirts were a few seats away. It was impossible to interpret their stares. Were they sorry about the sexual harassment? Angered by my sacrilegious derision of St. Patty’s Day? Or confused by my Little House on the Praire get-up?

I switched cars.


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I love the title of this post.

And the prairie dress.

Comment by Asad

[…] I look like I work in finance. (Bear in mind, I was wearing this, business casual indeed. I’m redefining the corporate dress code with a $5 vintage dress, and […]

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