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March 30, 2009, 1:07 am
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I have a tendency to play matchmaker—”It’s the Jewish mother in me.” I abide by the belief that if person A likes me, and person B likes me, then A and B must like each other! After all, I am an acquired taste. Granted, love is not a mathematical equation, but it’s still nice to be able to point to a couple and say, “I created this.”

“It was late before we parted. I wanted to take him in to supper with Mme d’Épinay, but he declined; and whatever efforts I made at one time or another to persuade him to meet her, out of my usual desire to bring the people I love together…”
-Rousseau likes to play yente, Confessions

Curtis Sittenfeld likes to play yente.


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As a student of history, I have to remind you of the past and how it predicts the future.

Comment by Jamie

Very much appreciated! Although I think you are a taste more easily acquired than you might think. I like how Lilla figures into your defense of this philosophy in so many ways. But hey — you like Lilla, I like Lilla, and here we are! Foolproof!

Comment by veronica

As a Hegelian, I believe history is teleological.

Comment by Lucy

For some reason, all I can think is, “the limit does not exist!”

Comment by Paul

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