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April 19, 2009, 10:55 am
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6: Number of people who have compared me to the hipster grifter. This is not a compliment. I hope the similarities are mostly physical—Asian, short hair—rather than…everything else.

65: Number of pages I have to write by May 22nd.

0: Percent of said pages completed. I have to write, on average, 13 pages a week if I start writing next week. But I won’t start writing next week, I may die instead.

5: Number of male SEAS propsies who will now choose Columbia over M.I.T. The other day I was wearing a vintage dress, the lower half of it is two pieces of cloth. In the morning, I stood outside of Butler shooting the shit when a tour group comes by, and a few seconds later, a huge gust of wind arrives too. My skirt flies up and everything was fair game. Best reaction: “Well now at least five boys are going to reject M.I.T. for Columbia.”

2: Number of couples/friendships/duos that I’ve created recently. Emphasis on created. I am essentially God.


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1: the number of couples that crashed and burned after you set them up.

Comment by Jamie

korean abdul jabbar

Comment by diana


“I want to give you a hand job with my mouth”

Comment by Jamie

the hipster grifter could get the entire MIT male class to come to SEAS.

Comment by Anonymous

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