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April 29, 2009, 7:40 pm
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(This post is going to be in the vein of Veronica.)

Today is going to be one of those days when despite working for hours, the word count on my paper will decrease. As of right now, I am quite right. 15 pages and still no thesis. Great.

Unlike last finals week, also known as “Lucy is insane,” I am going to avoid people so my neuroses do not annoy them. Look! I am considerate! But I still need an outlet. This blog will be my conduit.

This morning, the fire alarms went off. The crowds flooding outside Butler reminds me of last call at a bar. Everyone’s a little unsure why they’re outside, some insist on staying even though security will soon sweep the rooms. Eyes widen to adjust to newfound light. People light up cigarettes in frustration. Everyone wonders, “Where to go now?” Some try to be social, others are not in the mood.

Bad news:

I have read “Of friendship” so many times in my copy of Montaigne’s Essais that the pages have literally fallen out of the book, which ironically, is similar to Montaigne’s suppression of La Boétie’s political treatise and sonnets. One could even suggest that I purposefully tore out the pages because Montaigne’s friendship with La Boétie provoked my jealousy. (Interesting sidenote: the recent internet phenomenon “Two Girls, One Cup” could be attributed to Diogenes Laertius’ conception of friendship as one soul in two bodies, or reworded: “Two Bodies, One Soul.” Ha, ha, ha…)

My allergies are flaring up. I have become that heavy-breathing creep in the library.

This afternoon I made a fool out of myself in my grad seminar. When my professor laid out the order of presentations, she said, “Women first!” Then she looked at me and added, “Women and children first!” Lesson of the day: I wish I were good at public speaking, or just speaking in general.

On the bright side, this summer I will fulfill two of my lifelong dreams (I count my life as beginning at eighteen, I was not a sentient being prior to 2006). Not only will I visit Montaigne’s estate, I also get to witness a friend graduating from Oxford. Essais and Brideshead Revisited come to life!

On a more immediate bright side, I probably won’t fail gym!


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I didn’t fail gym either! Last day today! Whoo! She passed me after I recited the first five stanzas of Lady of Shalott for her (leave it to gym teachers to like bad Victorian poetry). Turns out Tennyson can even take care of unexcused absences.

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oh – that was me, Carla

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