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May 1, 2009, 9:47 pm
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“On a basic level, the impulse to watch each other is not creepy. Sometimes we watch each other voyeuristically, sometimes we watch over each other protectively, sometimes those lines are blurred. When it comes right down to it, we are all armchair anthropologists, watching each other and hoping to learn something in the process. The Internet simply facilitates the impulse. The range of things you can learn about a person on the Internet are so different from the range of things you can learn about someone by watching them eat lunch at the table next to you for an hour. One way is a socially acceptable way of watching someone, the other is not. Both reveal intimate and not-so-intimate things about the person being watched. Having now had both real and virtual experiences with Jonathan, however, made me feel as though no matter how I responded to the situation, it would be the wrong response. Without fair warning, Jonathan-the-Real-Person was not supposed to interfere with all the thoughts I had spent so much time thinking about Jonathan-the-Cyber-Idea.”

I Want You to Want Me

I could have written this. This is my life. Two weeks ago, I fell in love after reading a stranger’s marginalia in a library book. In case he (or she) ever checks the book out again, I actually wrote a note in it (without any contact info) thanking the person for his acute comments. Over winter break, a few of my friends joined Nerve Personals, which inspired me to take a peek. Then I ended up trolling the personals for a few too many nights. So yeah, that part of the essay applies too.


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