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the central park godolier
October 4, 2009, 1:02 pm
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So obsessed with the central park gondolier! This essay is so charming! Let’s go on a gondolier ride!

I DID not always see myself becoming a Central Park gondolier. But like many Americans, I also did not anticipate being cast into a purgatorial state of quasi-employment.

I graduated from a fancy East Coast university (Brown) a year ago and lost an internship at a prestigious publication (The New Yorker) because of budget cuts. From last June to this June, I tried my hand at nine different jobs — including dog-sitting, coffee-shop-cleaning, script-reviewing, inventory-counting and actually writing. Some were temporary by nature, others by will. Eventually, I returned to one of the odder entries on my résumé: rowing a 37-foot-long Venetian boat while singing “O Sole Mio.”

(Of course he graduated from Brown!)


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Hmm, maybe if i can’t get a gondolier job after graduation, i’ll try glassblowing…

lucy, lets go for a sunset boatride soon! i miss central park!

Comment by Anonymous

oh yeah, that was me commenting up there!

Comment by pierce

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