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post-colonial girl
October 9, 2009, 9:22 pm
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Photo 1

EDIT: In order for this not to purely be a vanity project, I did retort to someone later this night, “I don’t want to be colonized.”


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Just using it as an excuse to post a photo – what is post-colonial about CLEAVAGE (not shown here)

Comment by Jamie

I’m reappropriating two traditional Asian things—the wink and the peace sign.

And hey! I have three readers, including you, I am reaching a very limited internet audience. As opposed to posting a photo of myself on facebook, back in the days when I had 608 friends…

Comment by Lucy

I faithfully endorse your blog with daily readership. Let’s get that drink we keep putting off. It would be a very Gramscian organic-intellectual, lost-cause Zizekian, post-colonial Spivakian thing to do. And you could wink multiple times and I could bring along some garlic and we’d fit perfectly within our respective stereotypes.

Comment by carla

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