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October 22, 2009, 12:12 am
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Village Voice’s 2009 Best Grad Student Bar (via Juli)

1020 Bar

A pretentious dive bar? No, although the Ph.D. candidates at 1020 Bar will be more than happy to engage you about the ongoing debates in the humanities. Or they might just want to match you Jack for Jack. This is where the elite of Columbia University’s brainiacs come to unwind—the few, the poor, the all-but-dissertation—and they play a mean game of darts. Think you can’t discuss string theory after two rounds of sloppy pool and four Amstels? Well, neither can they, but it’s deliciously stupid to try. And you may have just learned this without shelling out for tuition, so who’s the smarty now?

Now this is just bad reporting. Anyone who’s been to 1020 knows that only law students, creepy GSers, and undergrads frequent 1020. Caveat: my statement is less true on weeknights and during daylight hours. Also, a sleazy man once used the line, “I don’t eat meat, but I do eat pussy,” on me at 1020.


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That IS poor reporting. If the Voice knew any CU Undergrads, they would know that only the dregs of the earth go there to pick up sleazy chicks and make mistakes. Maybe five years ago it was different?


Comment by Jamie


Comment by littleperegrination

ew to sleazy man.
also, the reporter obviously went to 1020 on a tuesday night -_-

Comment by tobogganeer

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