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ruben gutierrez
November 2, 2009, 12:31 am
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Tonight, after a meal of lentil soup and couscous, my friend Ruben Gutierrez (Columbia 2011) bemoaned his internet absence. He wrote an email to our advice columnist friend Veronica, but she told him that his question was not suitable for her column at The Faster Times. I figured I’d reprint his question on my blog so the next time he googles himself, he will find this post on the 12th page.

Dear Veronica,
I am having something of an existential crisis, or crises since it’s midterm season. During one of the particularly productive points in my studying I decided to google myself. Some people find embarassing pictures, others find links to their Facebook profiles or blogs. What did I find? NOTHING. Nothing at all. I typed in my full name: nothing. I typed in my name and my hometown: still nothing. I typed in my name, hometown, and high school: rien. I typed in my name, hometown, high school, and graduation date: nada. How is this possible? Am I a killer on death row? Or have I become a famous artist in Monterrey, Mexico? I’ve often felt I had a knack for the piano, so maybe I’m actually a piano jazz player from California! I know how its logisticly possible for me not to show up, search engines all run the same way, but how is it possible that I am completely invisible to the Internet radar? What does this say about my future? I go to a relatively prestigious college, so why aren’t I searchable? Where is my college tuition going? How will I survive in the real world post graduation?
Lost in Cyberspace.


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When I first made my photo website & blog, I was upset to see that there were so many other Diana Wongs in the world. Now the real me shows up as the top searches. Yay me!

…Cyber-narcissism .

Comment by diana

I had the opposite reaction that Diana did – when I found out that my personal blog (“Blah blah…yeast and noise!”) was the 5th result when you googled me, I had a small breakdown.

Comment by Jamie

You could try the Nina Kang approach of disambiguation:

Comment by Jenny

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