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November 4, 2009, 2:31 am
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Tonight, my friend Carla pointed me to Frederick Crews‘ absolutely genius books. He reads Pooh through different theoretical lens: Marxist, Freudian, and whatnot in The Pooh Perplex and then reads Pooh in terms of deconstruction, gender theory, and all that other trendy theory stuff in Postmodern Pooh.

Read an excerpt here! I may find this more hilarious than, well, most because I’ve recently struggled my way through Subjects of Desire, which I described to people as “Butler reading Kojéve/Foucault/Derrida/etc. reading Hegel.” And here I thought I was original. Crews has definitely got a handle on Butler’s voice. That is a feat.

Crews’ project reminds me of my own Postcolonial Girl idea (this blog entry counts as my copyright). This is a play on, or should I say reinterpretation of, the American Girl franchise.

Pipe dream #1

For Postcolonial Girl, instead of short chapter books about watershed moments in U.S. history, the books will be children-friendly versions of post-colonial works, i.e. Orientalism, Imagined Communities, Can the Subaltern speak?, The Location of Culture. Not all the doll-book pairs will be strictly postcolonial. The name is there for humor purposes. There will also be children’s versions of noted works like Gender Trouble, Phenomenology of Spirit (think of the cute lord/bondsman illustrations!), etc. I’m still working on the doll accompaniments, but I am really looking forward to creating a mini-Spivak, sari and all. I figure that while Columbia may not have prepared me for ‘the real world,’ I have met a bunch of people who could rewrite all these books for children. Why not work with what I’ve got? I’ve told a few people about this pipe dream and the general consensus is that there definitely exists plenty of yuppie parents who will buy these books for their children (some of my potential writers could also fall into this category). I think this will make me rich.


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This coming from the girl who mocked me mercilessly for being an “aesthete” and “too highbrow”?

Comment by Ian

mini-Spivak w/ a sari and combat boots! my future children are set for life.

Comment by tobogganeer

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