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Think Johnny Depp with a shopping cart.
November 12, 2009, 5:15 pm
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I have sometimes referred to Trader Joe’s wine shop as a bar where you can’t drink, but the mentality is very much the same. Apparently Whole Foods is also a meat market…Dispatches From the Whole Foods Produce Aisle (via Hae-Joon by way of Hae-In):

You don’t just go to Whole Foods to pick up groceries. The only place you’re guaranteed to run into someone with a liberal arts degree, a facial piercing, and a love of modernist Russian novels will be here checking out the hemp pasta on display. Girls who make their own clothes, speak five languages, and are very into communist poetry can be found sprinkled throughout the store like blue-light specials. Hipster chicks aisle ten. Feigned bisexual sensibilities aisle five.


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Of course! Lucy, you’re coming really late to this. I’m surprised.


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