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so everyone in the world twitters
November 13, 2009, 1:21 am
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Zizek has a twitter?! (via Paul)

A few choice tweets:

To paraphrase: I would rather write advertisements than grovel for tenure. Corporate culture pervades US academia.

If you are asking me to predict the future I will only be able to point you towards There you can search for the future.

The question should not be: how much money do I make criticizing capitalism – but rather, how much could I make if I did not?

Critchley will start tweeting as soon as he realizes he can write a book about it or something.

I am on the toilet. Part deux.

I am on the toilet.

I’m still holding out. This blog is more than enough internet presence for me.


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Are you sure it’s not a joke?

I am trying to lower my internet presence…greatly.

Comment by Jamie

I actually don’t think it’s a joke. It’s Zizek.

Comment by Lucy

Hold on tweeting forever. But I will say that Zizek validates it immensely. I am on the toilet.

Comment by tobogganeer

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