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November 21, 2009, 12:06 pm
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The “Kepler” opera by Philip Glass—one of my favorite things I’ve seen this semester! Calling it an opera is slightly misleading, it was really just a Philip Glass concert. The libretto was not great. Maybe it’s a translation issue. When I saw Dr. Atomic last year, the libretto was also sub-par; I think basing a libretto on primary scientific documents is interesting in theory, but in practice…


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You are turning into you know who. It’s very cute though, and the Kepler opera does look like it might be worth seeing.

p.s. I have just read an absolutely amazing article on Thomas More. It’s by a London dentist! It came out in the British Dental Journal, I’ll send it to you. I want this man to fix all my teeth, even the non-caviated ones, and read The Utopia to me in lieu of anesthesia. It would be much better than my current dentis woes.

Comment by Carla

wow wow wow kepler!

Comment by tobogganeer

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