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my new role model
December 4, 2009, 2:00 am
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Sometimes I find a blog that makes me wish I were a better person. Better not in the moral sense, of course, but better as in more intelligent, eloquent, socially and historically aware, well-read, funny, and etc.


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“The following things have no place whatsoever in my life: church; gambling; yoga; sports, either participatory or spectatorial; real estate; investment portfolios; suntanning, natural or artificial; automotive maintenance; television; courtship; prayer (other than in Malebranche’s sense of attention as ‘natural prayer’); commuting; pets; children. There used to be some plants in the apartment, but they died. I do have a Lebensgefährtin, but she’s in Rome for a few months, scouring the archives of the Jesuits.”

I like him. He reads all my favorite languages (inluding Romanian!). The intelligence is a given, he’s a Columbian. I think Cristia Mercer advised his dissertation on Leibniz.

Comment by Carla

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