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these people aren’t your friends
December 10, 2009, 9:38 am
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William Deresiewicz sums up why I think Facebook is absurd.


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That is not the reason why you occasionally delete facebook, and we both know it.

Comment by Jamie

shhh, don’t speak.

Comment by Lucy

Time to start making use of the stationary I have stashed away.

Comment by littleperegrination

“Posting information is like pornography, a slick, impersonal exhibition. Exchanging stories is like making love: probing, questing, questioning, caressing. It is mutual. It is intimate. It takes patience, devotion, sensitivity, subtlety, skill—and it teaches them all, too.”

As any good student of literature knows, there is indeed something to the lexical-libidinal. Unfortunately, I often delete facebook not because of it, but because I am a horrible procrastinator.

Comment by Carla

it takes an article from a pretentious publication to share your viewpoint? no wonder english majors don’t do anything productive in their lives, they are always seeking validation from something else –usually old, absurd and obscure.

Comment by Layman

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