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eric rohmer
January 12, 2010, 12:37 pm
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Peter Bradshaw on Eric Rohmer:

What was utterly characteristic was Rohmer’s feel for what the real life of a young person – albeit a certain type of middle-class, educated, young person – was like: that is, not shiny and sexy or grungy or funny in the Hollywood manner, but uncertain, tentative, vulnerable and more often than not dominated by a quotidian type of travel: bus travel, subway travel, train travel; travel to get somewhere for the summer, or to see a girlfriend or boyfriend.

The first Rohmer film I saw was Le rayon vert (The Green Ray), with my girlfriend, when we were both students, at the old Cambridge Arts Cinema in the 80s. I thought then and think now that Rohmer’s films are quintessentially studenty – in the best possible sense. Young, callow-ish people do a lot of talking, in the way we all did, about what was wrong (or right) with their lives and relationships, and about the perfect place to go for the summer.

He gets it so right!

One of my favorite lines ever comes from The Girl at the Monceau Bakery: “She’s ignoring us too completely not to have noticed us.” It epitomizes most of my social (non)interactions.

(The Guardian‘s obituary for Eric Rohmer seems pretty standard, until I scrolled to the end and saw that the obituary writer died before Rohmer did…)


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