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beata beatrix
November 15, 2008, 8:11 pm
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Beata Beatrix

Right now I’m writing an Art Hum paper about Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s most famous painting—Beata Beatrix. During my research for this paper, I came across the most engaging biography, Rossetti; it was such a narrative! I actually spent an hour reading it before I realized that none of what I had read applied to my paper. Being a nerd, I usually enjoy reading scholarship but I was thoroughly engrossed by this biography. Then I looked at the author’s name—Evelyn Waugh. No? It couldn’t be! Turns out Rossetti was his first book. Of course, it makes total sense. The very man who wrote about all those dandies just wrote about a real one this time around. Unfortunately Rossetti is out of print, but it is still available at Barnard library or Columbia Rare Books.


“Biography, as books about the dead are capriciously catalogued, is still very much in the mode.”